Friday, November 22, 2013

Hello Leonardo

LEO is in trial with potential adoption pending!

Japanese following
Meet Leo. This gentle giant was found at a rest area off the expressway in Yamanashi, begging for food. He is estimated to be about 4-5 years old, and though he weighs only 4 kg., Is quite large in stature. He is extremely friendly, social, and talkative, and loves to be stroked, petted, picked up, and cuddled.
Though he's a big boy, he has a very sweet and gentle nature, with no scratching or hissing, even at the vet. He has been neutered, received a combo vaccination shot and flea treatment, and has tested negative for FIV / FeLV. Leo is an ideal companion cat! Let's find him the loving home he deserves. Adoption fee to cover some of the vetting costs will apply. Please share!

★ ★ foster parent recruitment
This cat and (Leo), I met with certain parking area of ​​the highway through the Yamanashi Prefecture. Is multiplied by the voice and the other in person passing by, it was not asking for food. Year-old 4kg body weight at 4-5 years of age estimation. Body looks larger in proportion to body weight. The very friendly, he is sociable. I love Hitonatsukkoku, or stroked, or is to be hug.
The child was a big body, but the owner of the very gentle personality. When I went to the animal hospital, did not have any gesture menacing and scratching. Finished the castration, and injection of combination vaccines, drugs only tick is also already taking. No problem FIV / FeLV. Leo cat is ideal to spend the time together! We value him, I am looking for a family who will love. Costs to foster parents is the only amount spent above, vet. To share please.

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