Sunday, May 11, 2014


This is Kit. He is a bit skittish when new people arrive, but quickly warms up to you and after spending time with him he soon becomes a super playful snugglepuss. He will curl up on the bed with me, lie at my side and knead my leg.

He loves to sleep all day and is definitely active at night. Needs someone who will give him attention and play before heading to bed at night. He is also good at entertaining himself with a toy.

This is a list of the vet treatments he has had done and his health status:
- We have had him neutered
- F3 vaccinated
- Multiple worm treatments (just to be sure) stool was negative for any parasites.
- Multiple flea treatments (when we first rescued him, our vet had to clip/shave most of his body because he had not only terrible fleas, but a bad case of cat lice that would not shampoo out). He is now CLEAR and he fur is all growing back (and it is so soft!)
- He had a full blood panel, x-ray and echo: they showed he is in very good health and he was given an antibiotic shot to treat a minor infection.
- He was underweight, but we have been feeding him high quality food and supplementing with pro-biotic and Lysine. He went from 4Kg to 4.75Kg in the first month.
- He is very good at using his litter box. Has no pee issues (he did mistake a fluffy rug for a pee place once) and his stools are regular and healthy.
- He has tested negative for FIV and FeLV. We did two tests, a month apart. We had a bit of a scare at first, but he is all clear.

He would best suit a single person or couple, or perhaps a family with older children who are experienced with cats. He might get on with another cat, but a female would be most likely the best companion.

His adoption fee is 10,000 yen. You must be prepared to have him micro-chipped and to keep him as a 100% indoor cat. I will provide the full vetting information of what he has had done (The above listed treatments cost almost 80,000 yen)
He will also come with his crate and cubby (so he feels safe in the new surroundings), scratching post, his favorite toys, litter box and whatever leftover food I have for him.

If you are interested to meet him (we are in Shiroi City, Chiba), I would love to have you come by. He is truly a beautiful boy and if were not for the fact that I have five cats of my own, he would not be leaving us. I just want him to have the best, most loving home possible. After what he has been through, he deserves it.

This is the link to his Facebook photo album from when he first turned up at our house, through when we caught him, and his progression till now.

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