Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Juno was my first foster dog through Doggies Inc., the organization down in Okinawa for which I transported Miller/Bowie to the U.S. on that ill-fated trip back in September (He's so happy now! He has his own Facebook profile.).

Juno was pretty scruffy when he was brought in. He had obviously been very neglected or on the street a long time. Long matted hair, sores on his skin where the mats had gotten really bad.

After a stint down in Oki with no takers, he came up to Tokyo to try to find a home here.

Within a short period, we had made contact with an adopter who adopted cats from JCN, whose father was interested in getting a dog after losing his cherished Yorkie a year or two ago.

Mr. A had suffered from some depression, but after Juno came, he felt much better having a companion. They take care of each other.

In cooperation with Doggies Inc. 

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